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A list of other sites and organizations dedicated to the arts, the First Amendment, and online civil liberties

Center for Democracy & Technology

CDT is a public policy organization dedicated to promoting the democratic potential of today's open, decentralized global Internet. CDT conducts research and advocacy on a wide range of civil liberties issues related to the Internet, and is responsible for the development of this website, Online Art Rights.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF is a donor-funded non-profit dedicated to defending civil liberties and individual rights in the digital world. EFF works primarily in the courts, but also through grass-roots advocacy and public education campaigns.

First Amendment Center

The First Amendment Center tracks a wide range of news, cases, and scholarship related to the First Amendment's freedoms of speech, the press, religion, assembly, and petition.  Its site has a series of articles and case discussions devoted to the arts.

The First Amendment Project

The First Amendment Project is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and promoting freedom of information, expression, and petition, based in San Francisco.  Among other resources, their website has a reproduction of the National Campaign for Free Expression's handbook for Freedom of Artistic Expression.

Free Expression Policy Project

The FEP Project provides commentary and legal and policy analysis on a wide range of free expression topics.  Resources include a section on art censorship, Internet issues, and a slideshow of censored art.

National Coalition Against Censorship

The NCAC is a coalition of organizations dedicated to combating censorship in all forms.  It maintains an online library of art law cases.

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression

The Thomas Jefferson Center is a non-profit organization with ties to the University of Virginia dedicated to defending all forms of free expression. They maintain Art on Trial, an online exhibition of artwork that has been the subject of court fights.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

The New York Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts organization maintains a listing of similar groups around the world.  Another listing is available here. These organizations provide legal and other services to artists and arts organizations.